Cherry Scaffolding provides these valuable services together or separately.
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Our used equipment is thoroughly inspected after each use to ensure quality and structural integrity are maintained. We have a large selection of equipment for purchase, including but not limited to:

Trust our Sales Experts to help get you where you need to go. Whether it is what equipment to rent? When is the best time for the job? Or even just a simple material question, we are here to help!


Our rental equipment is thoroughly inspected after each use to ensure top quality. We offer competitive pricing and high quality equipment to serve our customers the best we possibly can. The convenience and simplicity of these products is unmatched!

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Cherry offers design, delivery, erection, and dismantle of construction access equipment.

 With many years OSHA compliant, our expert staff will provide you with a safe, secure structure. Our OSHA certified competent builders work closely with our sales & design team to provide access at your desired work levels as quickly as possible. Wether you're working on new construction, restoration, or industrial plant work, our expert team is standing by to erect your access equipment; no job is too large, or too small. Our team works carefully and quickly to provide you a fast, accurate free estimate with all costs and timeframe laid out. Once approved, we will schedule a date at your earliest convenience to safely and quickly erect your access equipment to meet your specifications.


Branding is the process by which each individual plank is marked by a branding iron type machine that will permanently indicate the owner of that particular planking.


The Benefits of Branding:

Reduce missing, lost or stolen planks

Provides another opportunity for passersby to see a contractors name

Provides documentation of ownership, should a stray plank show up elsewhere

Cherry Scaffolding Company offers a unique value added service for customers that wish to extend the life and maintain possession of their own scaffold planks. By banding scaffold planks, the life span increases dramatically, thereby reducing replacement intervals. Banding also significantly increases the safety factor associated with planking.

Reduced maintenance costs - the bands remain attached to the boards

Safer - no sharp strands of wire which sometimes remain attached to nails

No protruding nail heads where nails have not been fully driven home

No flapping band ends where they have not been fully secured to the board